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Our goal for this page is to provide current and potential users of Sage-ST ä , formerly known as AdaSAGE, with a source of information that will make their use of this product more effective. If there is anything that we can do to better meet this goal, please let us know

What is Sage-ST?

In this fast paced world of technological change organizations must use any and all of the tools at their disposal to solve their problems, and assure the competitiveness of the organization.  Sage-ST is a set of application development tools that supports teams of engineers working in a multi-tool/multi-vendor enterprise automation environment.  At its core, Sage-ST is an integration technology, called Visual Sequence Object Technology (VSOT), that empowers engineers by providing them with a development environment capable of utilizing any and all of the myriad enabling technologies available in modern computing environments.  In addition to its integration core, Sage-ST includes a set of reusable feature rich, high quality and time tested standard application development objects (SADO), which includes state-of-the-art distributed object technology called "N-tier Technology," with which engineers can build world-class applications.  Finally, the Sage-ST product team, realizing that Sage-ST is not THE "silver bullet" but another "silver bullet", specifically designed VSOT to allow the easy integration of application components built using, or purchased from, other development resources.  Simply stated, Sage-ST is a tool set developed, used, maintained and supported by a team of real software engineers that will empower your organization to focus the "silver bullets" you choose on the targets of your choice.

Sage-ST's VSOT allows engineers to create, maintain and reuse application sequence objects, which represent architectural and design decisions, from within a visual graphics-based editing environment.  A sequence is a container object that holds both other application objects, including other sequences, and the aggregate behavior of those objects, called sequencing information.  Using VSOT, engineers are forever liberated from the costly and error prone activities of documenting, generating and maintaining the "glue code" that defines the aggregate behavior of their system's objects.  VSOT empowers engineering teams by allowing them to deal with the high-level-of-abstraction characteristics of their applications at the high level, and in so doing provides them with the opportunity to define, communicate, understand and maintain the architecture of their applications.  VSOT is a breakthrough object integration technology that, when combined with a powerful set of reusable application development objects, will allow your software engineering teams operate at heretofore unheard of levels of effectiveness.

Sage-ST's SADO application development objects are a set of understandable, useful, usable and reusable components that can be incorporated into Sage-ST applications.  Although the SADO is a world-class product in its own right, its important to note that VSOT does not require the exclusive use of SADO; in fact SADO and VSOT are specifically designed to encourage developers to use the best components available, from whatever source, to meet their application needs.  The SADO includes objects that support open standards-based interoperation with other system components including standard executables, ODBC data sources, OLE Automation Servers/Controllers and ActiveX controls.  Also included is the MultSage object which makes the state-of-the-art distributed object capabilities of our "N-tier" technology easily accessible to application development engineers.  Finally, there are many other object classes provided by the SADO, 65 and growing, including scientific/engineering graphics, relational data manager with SQL interface, textual data base with phrase searching, GUI components, and a wide variety of lower-level of abstraction classes.

For further details on Sage-ST, refer to Sage-ST Notes

Our Mission

The mission of the Sage-ST product team is to provide a set of tools with which Ada application developers can produce state-of-the-art systems while taking advantage of the good software engineering practices designed into the Ada language, and, through reuse, leveraging off of the efforts and experiences of our team members and others in the Sage-ST development community.


The Sage-ST product team is a group of approximately thirty engineers and support personnel located in Idaho Falls, Idaho at the facilities of the United States Department of Energy's Idaho National Laboratory. All members of the team are employed by Battelle Energy Alliance that holds the contract for the operation of the laboratory.

For over a decade now, the Sage-ST product team has provided Sage-ST to organizations throughout the world, including the United States government, industry, and academic institutions. By forming strong relationships with our customers, listening to what they have to say, keeping up with the state-of-the-art in computer systems technology, and maintaining an open mind about what features should be incorporated into Sage-ST, we have managed to provide our customers with a tool set that is useful, usable and understandable, while at the same time remaining vital and dynamic.

Hundreds of systems, representing millions of lines of Ada source code, have been developed using Sage-ST as their foundation. Several of these systems have won government as well as industrial awards. Sage-ST relies on and contributes to the solid software engineering base upon which the Ada language was designed.

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